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Going for an Outdoor Adventure? Here’re Things to Look for When Choosing a Portable Water Softener to Use on the Go


Water softeners are handy both indoors and outdoors.

They remove minerals such as magnesium and calcium in well water or any other type of hard water.

Water is essential when out for an adventure. It serves various purposes ranging from drinking to showering to washing your hands. Whichever reason you need water when outdoors for an adventure, it’s essential that it’s mineral-free.

Hard water has many disadvantages you won’t find with soft water. For instance, it can easily irritate sensitive skin and cause dry scalp. It also leads to lots of soap wastage when washing or bathing due to the scum that forms over the soap.


With a portable water softener you can use outdoors, you’re bound to enjoy tasty drinking water, among other benefits. They include:

  • Improves the taste of drinking water
  • Saves money due to reduced wastage
  • Improves rough and dry skin
  • Minimizes water spots

Millions of people worldwide increasingly use water softeners for the range of benefits they offer. Similarly, the water softening industry has been focused on growing at 8.1% CAGR from 2018 to 2024.

The industry is expected to generate over $1 million in consumption units over the forecast period. The sector was valued at $7 billion in 2017.

The convenience of using water softeners abounds both indoors and outdoors. Here’re a few factors to consider when shopping for a portable water softener to use whenever you go for an outdoor adventure:

6 Factors that Influence the Right Choice of a Portable Water Softener

1. Size

Size is an essential factor when choosing a portable water softener to bring with you on your adventure. Choose a size you find suitable for your intended needs and can easily fit in your backpack.

Generally, portable water softeners are designed for easy portability. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Pick a size you deem fit for your portable use outdoors.

2. Capacity

The capacity of a portable water softener determines the amount of water it can hold and dissipate at any given time. The capacity to choose is dependent on your unique needs and the amount of water you’re likely to soften when out for your adventure.

Water softeners range in capacities. Pick a capacity that best suits you, and convenient enough to provide you with the right amount of soft water you’ll need.

 3. Brand

With different water softening brands in the market, it’s only sensible to choose a reliable and reputable brand. One that’s been proven to offer top-quality portable water softeners. Moreover, different brands offer different product qualities.

You wouldn’t want to buy a water softener of low quality due to the inconvenience that comes with such a product. Choose the right brand behind your ideal water softener to value for your money.

Check user reviews of water softeners and related brands to help you make an informed decision. The right brand produces products that focus on meeting your unique needs to soften hard water on the go or outdoors.

Opt for the best water softeners reviewed and rated for use outdoors when going camping or for an outdoor adventure.

4. Price

Different brands and sizes of portable water softeners come at different prices. The choice of the right water softener to buy depends on your budget and available market prices.

Opt for a portable water softener you can easily afford and is reasonably-priced. Also, make sure that it’s suitable for your intended use period.

5. Efficacy

Is the portable water softener designed to produce your desired water quality? Ask yourself this question before choosing the right water softener for you.

Opt for the product bound to effectively meet your needs to unmatched satisfaction. Make sure it’s capable of producing your desired or expected outcomes.

Check user reviews and product labels to determine the efficacy of your ideal water softener.

6. Functionality

Opt for a functional water softener to ensure that it won’t stop working once you get to your adventure destination. It would be useless to carry a water softener to your adventure only to realize that it’s non-functional.

Before you set off, check the product to confirm its functionality; make sure it produces soft water at your desired quality.

Ascertaining that the water softener works optimally eliminates any likely inconveniences that may arise once you’re out in the wild.


Water softeners help with the purification of water; it removes hard minerals and metals from it. Hard water has many disadvantages resulting from excess calcium or magnesium salts in the water.

When using hard water, you end up using more water than you would have used with soft water. Hard water also leads to the formation of scales on your scalp and hair.

Water softeners are essential, hence the need to choose one carefully. Also, make sure that you maintain and clean your water softener filter often for proper functionality.